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Four Tips for SMBs Moving to the Cloud

Cloud computing isn’t just a solution for large enterprises. The cloud allows better access to applications, more support options, and scalable subscriptions. With a dependable internet connection, the cloud helps

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Ransomware Protection Checklist

Ransomware attackers are increasingly employing more sophisticated attacks and defeating existing defenses. Use this checklist to develop an effective protection plan for your organization. 1. Protect your email. Ransomware attacks

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What is Ringfencing and Why You Should Care

You might be familiar with the terms “whitelist” or “allow list.” Simply stated, these lists help to block all untrusted applications from running. However, they will not stop an attacker

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The Five Questions about Windows 11

It’s finally here. After six years, Microsoft has just released the latest version of its operating system — Windows 11. At a time when computers and technology play a more

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