Apps that Change How We Engage with Other Humans

These days, the need to reach out to people in a personal way has never been more critical. This is especially true in the world of business. We all know that smartphones and webcams combined with the right software can allow us to have virtual face-to-face communications. Still, sometimes that is not practical or comfortable in all situations—this where a rising category of video communications is emerging. Let’s jump into some specifics.

Vidyard (
Vidyard allows you to easily add video recordings into your website and emails. Like the other services in this list, Vidyard takes the complications of having different apps to record and edit. It does the heavy lifting of hosting the file and providing embed code to add the video in your email or website.

Cameo (
Cameo is one of the more interesting services in that you can pay to have a celebrity record a personal message for you to send to the person or person’s of your choosing. The quality of celebrity does vary, and so does the price. It’s worth a look.

Warm Welcome (
Warm Welcome helps you improve your business relationships at any touchpoint you want. In your personal & marketing emails, on your website, landing pages, private links, and even with Digital Business Card!

Video Ask (
This is one of my favorites because you are able to receive a video message back from the recipient without them having to sign up or download an app.

AppSumo (
AppSumo has a great interface, and the resulting emails look really polished. It does lack the ability to collect video testimonials, but that is not a feature everyone needs.

With all of these services available and the need for them on the rise, it’s going to be increasingly important for people to have good lighting and equipment to look their best. But that is a topic for another time!


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