Broadband for the Underserved

The two links below were the subject of this week’s Technology Now segment with Matt Wiertel and Amanda Post.

PAIUnet Survey:  “Without Internet access and connected devices, many students in our communities lack the ability to participate in remote learning and complete homework after the school day has ended. In an effort to identify these gaps, the PA Association of Intermediate Units (PAIU) and Penn State Extension have teamed up to conduct a short survey. The data collected will greatly assist our schools with obtaining local, state and federal broadband funding to provide additional resources to our students and families. Thank you in advance for your time in taking this survey!”

Visit the survey: PAIUnet Survey

Erie County Broadband Survey: “VNET Fiber is partnering with local communities to expand our fiber optic network to reach areas that currently are unserved or underserved with existing broadband technologies.  

To help us secure funding for the various projects under consideration and define the areas where services are currently not available, we ask that you complete the information below.”

Visit the survey: Broadband Survey (Erie County)


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